With over 70 years of collective experience in the horse industry, LipChip was built with integrity by horsemen, for horsemen. Nowadays, the performance horse industry is in need of both integrity and transparency.


Current equine microchips are placed in the nuchal ligament in the middle third of the neck. Due to the nature of the ligament, these microchips often migrate by up to 30% and can cause difficulty when scanning.


Lip Chip offers a new, more effective method of microchipping, and has partnered with veterinarians and technology experts to ensure our technology is both humane and practical.

This method of implantation, which allows for less than 1% migration, is less painful for the horse when compared to chips in the nuchal ligament. By implanting the chip nasally, the scanner has unobstructed access to the site.


Traditional microchips must be read within inches, making it difficult to locate and scan quickly. Lip Chip offers significantly increased read range and exceptional durability, thanks to a proprietary electronics design


Lip Chip utilizes a UHF RFID tag specifically tuned for equine application. Not only is this used for identifying horses, but it’s also used to collect and easily pull pertinent data with the scanners. Coggins, Piroplasmosis, Health Certificates, even photos of the original tattoos are all accessible with a quick scan. A smartphone application tracks and stores this critical data for easy access.

By using a combination of fixed readers and handheld scanners, Lip Chip offers a superior microchipping experience. Imagine, horses being hauled onto the show grounds and having their chips scanned, verifying Coggins and Health Records, and even pulling their pedigree, all without ever leaving the trailer. Or imagine racehorses walking past fixed readers in the paddock, test barn, or onto the track and having their chips scanned. 

Lip Chip plans to implement a generational technology plan for furthering our advanced microchips to include additional features that will protect and further equine performance, integrity, and transparency. In the future, we hope to:

  • Eliminate the need for photo finishes in racing.

  • Utilize GPS location to catch theft and danger

  • Gather biometric data to catch colic or infection without ever pulling a horse out of the pasture


We believe that Lip Chip is the future of horse microchipping, and the answer to all your equine needs. Our technology is cutting edge and functional for every discipline. The future is here; the future is Lip Chip.

About Us


Brad Bolen


Brad is a multiple stakes winning horse trainer with over 30 years of experience in racing both Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds. Brad has witnessed first hand for decades the need for integrity in the equine industry.


Jessica Cummings

Marketing Director

Also a horseman, Jessica Cummings serves as Marketing Director for Lip Chip LLC. Jessica is a state-winning showman, having won 5 consecutive State Championships in Texas for Halter horses. Jessica owns and operates her own Photography and Marketing firm. 


Duane Hartsell

Horsemen's Liaison

Duane brings 30+ years of experience from the equine industry to the Lip Chip Team. Duane is a multiple stakes winning racehorse trainer having worked with both Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds.


Julie Farr

Horsemen's Liaison

Julie has served in the equine industry as Breed Representative to the Arabian Racing Association of California. Julie has spent 23 years as a Broadcast Race Analyst at racetracks like Los Alamitos, Hollywood Park, and Sunland Park.