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Lip Chip was built by horsemen, for horsemen, to bring integrity and transparency back to the industry. The Hoof Link System offers a way to move past just an identification and make each microchip a secure key for horses and their handlers.


It is time for technology to stop being the enemy of the horseman and instead become his saddle partner. It is time to let the innovations of today help the issues that have plagued our industry for generations. The future of equine microchipping is here, and the future is Lip Chip.


Current equine microchips are placed in the nuchal ligament in the middle third of the neck. Due to the nature of the ligament, these microchips often migrate by up to 30% and can cause difficulty when scanning.


Lip Chip offers a new, more effective method of microchipping, and has partnered with veterinarians and technology experts to ensure our technology is both humane and practical.

This method of implantation, which allows for less than 1% migration, is less painful for the horse when compared to chips in the nuchal ligament. By implanting the chip nasally, the scanner has unobstructed access to the site.

Lip Chip's superior placement offers an additional benefit when using thermal microchips. Thermal microchips are used as a guide to check each horse's baseline temperature, and daily scans can often catch a health concern that would warrant a trip to the vet. Lip Chip testing has revealed a truer temperature in the nasal position versus the nuchal ligament by up to 2 degrees when compared to a traditional thermometer.


Lip Chip LLC offers a new way to identify horses and solve issues that have been plaguing the equine industry for decades. The company's Chip Link System uses microchipping and a state-of-the-art handheld reader to go beyond just your average identification. Most microchipping technology simply reads the chip's 15-digit identifier, and nothing more.


The Hoof Link System uses a Bluetooth reader to send that unique identifier to a smart phone, tablet or PC, which unlocks secure data linked to each horse as their microchip is scanned. The user can identify each horse within seconds and view current Coggins, owner information, emergency contact numbers, and even recent photos of each horse.


Instead of relying on hard copy paperwork, horsemen can identify horses and view their data from a secure location — no more forged documents or similar horses being swapped. Microchipping unlocks a new level of security.

About Us


Brad Bolen

Chief Executive Officer

Brad is a multiple stakes winning horse trainer with over 30 years of experience in racing both Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds. Brad has witnessed first hand for decades the need for integrity in the equine industry.


Jessica Cummings

Vice President of Operations

Also a horseman, Jessica Cummings serves as Vice President of Operations for Lip Chip LLC. Jessica is a state-winning showman, having won 5 consecutive State Championships in Texas for Halter horses. Jessica owns and operates her own Photography and Marketing firm. 


Nathan Roberts, Jr

Technology Specialist | Horsemen's Liaison

Nathan is new to the equine industry but has been learning quick! You'll catch Nate scanning horses daily on the backside of racetracks or on the road working with horsemen at horse shows, rodeos, and breeding farms. 


Antonio Rodriguez

Technology Partner

Antonio owns and operates Pretty Smart Labs out of Austin, TX, specializing. in hardware, firmware, and software for asset tracking. Bluetooth technology is a speciality of Antonio's as well as creation of medical grade devices. 

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